Our new companion came to us in July of 2003 as “Coal”.  Even when we saw her picture and personality description on the website, we knew that “Coal” just did not have enough pizzazz for her.  When we met her, it was confirmed….a more distinguished name was in order. We have christened her Chloe.  

We weren’t sure if we were ready for a Border Collie, but with great support and information from Border Collie Rescue, it appeared that we would be a suitable home for Chloe.  We fell in love with the herding breed when a stray Australian Shepherd jumped into the back seat of our car after we had almost run him over.  We have named him Riley.  After having Riley for 2 years with no other dogs, he let us know that he needed a companion of his own species.  Hence, we went in search of a friend…Chloe was a shoe-in the moment we saw her picture….definitely love at first site.

She has an absolutely amazing personality and she is a dog with a million quirks….when she wags her stubby tail, half her body wags with it (now nicknamed “Wiggles”)….in the middle of the night when she needs to go out, she gently taps one of us on the shoulder or face…..every time we come home (even if only gone for 5 minutes) she jumps up to greet us face to face….when she wants petting (which is 99% of the time), she puts her head on your lap or shoulder and I swear she blinks her eyes at you, irresistible..….she won’t go to the bathroom in the yard until Riley has picked his spot and then she goes in the same spot…..when running in the yard with Riley, she likes to jump over him or do this crazy move where her back legs swing around over his head….last, but certainly not least – she snores louder than any person I have ever heard.

With her background of neglect and mistreatment I don’t know how she can be so incredibly loving, but she is and more.  In the website description there was one sentence that struck me the most – “despite it all, she is so willing to give her heart away to the right person.  If you are as willing to put your heart out there, then call…”  She stole our hearts in the first 5 minutes of meeting her!!  I believe she stole Riley’s heart in the first 5 days, once he realized the benefits of Chloe far out weighed getting shared attention from us.  They now share a very mutual and inseparable bond in such a short time.  Our home has never been the same since she arrived and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

We want to thank Diane Tatum and Inga Holmquist for helping us to add Chloe to our family.  Your involvement in Border Collie Rescue is invaluable.



          Beth Kelly and Lisa Diment