Riding into the Sunset!

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Hi All....Although my memory is a bit fuzzy, this is my story.  All I really remember of my first two years is that I had a brother and that he taught me the fine art of escape.  That was my downfall, and in all likelihood,   why I given up on by my first family. For you see NO fence can hold me.  After being given up on by my first family, I entered the adoption world.  It was then that my luck began to change.    I met Kim who took me away from the Tacoma Humane Society and sent me on the path of finding a true and loving home.   From Kim I went to see Lynn for a brief visit and met my first boyfriend...Riley.   I was with Lynn and Riley for only a couple of days when I was introduced to what was to be my new family...Dave, Heidi, Kaelin, and Logan.   From that point on life has been one adventure after are a few highlights.

On the whole, life is very good....Many thanks to my friends at BC Rescue, I love you all. I can't wait for my new adventure:-)

                        Cassie meets a cockatiel!!                                Cassie before she goes cruising for sticks....        



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