BC Rescue Success Stories

Please take a look at these links to see some very lucky dogs!

Note to our readers.  Hopefully we will update this page in the near future.

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September 2008 - Stella Luna
Sally's Chloe loves to teach!
Chloe steals Riley's heart.  (March 2004).
Fly is an agility super star! : Fly's Page

Watch for him on Animal Planet!!!!   (Feb 2004)


Updated March 2003: Mad Max is in Maximum Overdrive!

Sophie's Web Page

December 2003:   Sophie - home at last

Hank's Web Page

December 2002:   At 3 years old, this boy is no Grampa Dog!

Katy's Web Page
August 2002: The Great Gatsby would have been proud. 

Scottie's Web Page

July 2002 - Agility, obedience, and therapy. There's no stopping this boy!

Yatsu's Web Page

August 2001 - Albert Einstein look out!  Yatsu can unscrew jar lids!


July 2001:  Nop is loving life now! He lives with his best friend, Venita, and his adoptive brother, Ring. They compete successfully in Agility. If you're in the Northwest watch for them! Nop and Venita have earned several Agility titles and plan to earn many more!


May 2001:  Riley has become a Delta therapy dog.


He may have been a sheep-poop-aholic before he was rescued,  but he ended up smelling like roses!


Who says a 7 year old border collie can't romp and play like your everyday 2 year old lab?  
Beemer Beemer is a flyball speed demon!
Lutak Lutak (a.k.a Teddy ) is busy bear-spotting, camping, and sailing in Alaska. Check out his web page!!
Tweed Tweed vs. the Pumpkin

Adopting a BC Rescue Pup will change your life

Kona is Tye's little copy cat. 

(Nov 2000)

Prince - a story of rags to riches.!!   

(Nov 2000)

Quick  is picking up titles left and right!

(October 2000)

Randy is painting the town (uhm... kitchen) red!

(June 00)

Quickie (formerly known as Pepe) has his own site.   (Added 3/6/00)
casey1.jpg (11553 bytes) Cassie   is ready for the Tour de' France!
Emma loves to organize other dogs at Marymoor Park. 

Added 12/29/1999!

rose1_tn.jpg (2724 bytes) Merry -Rose  is now gainfully employed as a cattle dog
amber_tn.jpg (7008 bytes) Molly-Amber  is now 100% recovered from major surgery .  
celee1.jpg (8353 bytes) Rosie  is busy protecting her new owner from "vicious deer!"

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