My First Dog Turns Six

By Karen Dorweiler


Five years
You have followed my shadow
Content to be silent
Your patient feet
Would follow me
I know
What they told me
Two families
Two adoptions
You must have been beautiful
A little snowflake
White puppy
With a golden bandit mask
You did not suit them
Like somehow
You were an accessory
To match the perfect child
To harmonise furniture
Decorate a rug
Be quiet
Don't leave a stain
You nipped a child
Needed too much attention
Shed too much
Too active
Too big, not the right color
Now too old
What some don't know
Is what a dog
Gives for free
Is its life
Its love
It doesn't coordinate
It may not match
Or suit everyone everyday
All you wanted
Was a human shadow
To call your own
You are always
Two paces the left
Three paces behind
I know when you are gone
I'll still look back
To see you there

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