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The time needed to find the right Border Collie could easily be 3 months to a year.   Our rescuers will make an initial contact with you and your application will be kept on file for one year.   It is your responsibility to check our web page (weekly).   If you see a dog you are interested in after filling out an application, DIRECTLY contact the rescuer listed in the dog's profile. Any correspondence we have with you may be shared with other rescuers in our network to help expedite the adoption process.    Updates are sometimes made on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we do not always have time to compare ALL active applications with every Border Collie that comes into our care. Thank you.

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Border Collies are a working breed that require physical and mental activity regularly.
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You can find this information in the title of a dog's bio page. For example Smudge (WA#456)

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