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Lewis County, WA

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Daisy is a courtesy listing for an independent placement.  If you think you can offer Daisy a good home, please fill out an application then contact   


Daisy is very sweet, smart, house trained and crate trained.  We found Daisy at the local animal shelter in late November. 

We live in Lewis County Washington on a farm and the only house on about 900 acres.  Our Farm is on a river and we have a private bridge.  We have trained our other two dogs, a 16 year old long hair  border collie and a 5 year old Lab mix both of whom we have trained with an invisible fence to not cross the bridge.  Daisy does not cross the bridge either, however she now swims across the river, and has gotten the Lab to follow her.  The highway is very busy with lots of logging trucks  and we she is going to get hit.  We have put her on a run, she backs out of harnesses and out of collars and choke chains. 

She is not aggressive to people or other dogs, however she is very rough with the cats and we are fearful that she will hurt them.  I don't want to take her back to the Shelter but we are done,  if you can help it would greatly be appreciated.


Rescuer's notes:

Daisy sounds like a really sweet dog who simply needs more mental stimulation and training like most BC's.    

Daisy is young and not trustworthy in the house alone.  If you work all day, she will need to be safely confined in a kennel or large crate with a mid-day break.  

We do not know whether or not she jumps fences as there are none on her property. 

A home with other dogs to occupy her would be ideal.

We would also like to see her have an outlet for all her energy...something to make her think, like agility or nosework.    

Daisy's adoption donation is $100. 

Thank you for considering rescue.


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