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Agility Prospect :   Mickey is a young, active and loving smooth coat BC.  Although he has lots of energy and loves to play he is also soft in temperament and reacts quickly to a harsh word when working with his handler.  He is learning to walk on a leash and he knows the command sit.  He comes readily when called (most of the time).  He does chase running cats and as we have none of our own at this time I cannot predict how he would act with a cat that just sat and looked at him.  He gets along well with other dogs and plays a great deal with our Lab.  As you can see from the picture he is waiting for someone to let her out of a kennel run so they can play.  He also runs with our male BC who is about six years old and Mickey is sometimes disciplined by this male for getting in the way or for nipping too hard.  Like most young adolescent pups he can be a bit much for an older dog. While he gets along well with the Labrador and older BC I believe he would do best as an only dog if provided lots of activity.  He likes petting and handling and was very good at the vet's office.  When in the house he will settle and chew a rawhide.  He takes treats very nicely. He does show some typical BC herding traits and so I'm not sure how he would be with young children running and squealing.

Mickey has been with us for a few weeks now and is showing how playful and active he is.  He shows a lot of ability in leaping and jumping when playing and will jump onto the pause table and sit or down (agility) just for a lark.  He is a very fast dog and could be an agility prospect.  A fenced yard, exercise and attention are necessary for this dog. 

After Filling out the Application please contact Stacey Gehrman at 541 889 2018 for further information.  The adoption Fee is $150.00

Please include references in your application.  Adopters must see Mickey in Ontario, OR.


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