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BANDIT **NEW video!**
Caldwell, ID

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This dog is a treasure! 

See Bandit's video here:

Bandit is an exceptional canine. We believe he is either a border collie or Australian shepherd mix. He is crate trained, housetrained, loves people and is good with cats, dogs and children. His current weight is 50 pounds. He just had his teeth cleaned and has a pearly white smile!

Bandit is a quiet dog. He loves to fetch and will retrieve for you enthusiastically, bringing the ball back and putting it right in your hand. He does not jump up on people, which is so nice! He loves to play with other dogs and even puppies, adjusting his level of play to the abilities of his partners. When it's time to come in, he puts himself away, using his nose to open the gate and enter his crate, then patiently waiting for his reward--a dog cookie. 

Bandit is about 8 years old although you wouldn't guess it by meeting him. He has the youthful exuberance and enthusiasm of a much younger dog. He has spent the last 6 years of his life in someone's backyard, not allowed in the house because he sheds. Instead of grooming him, his family routinely shaved his beautiful coat every summer. Recently, Bandit's owner remarried and Bandit soon found himself needing a new home. He was no longer welcomed even in the backyard of their home. The reason? He had started to dig up the new wife's herb garden. The reason for that? Boredom.No one was spending any time exercising or interacting with this poor dog. 

We would really like to find a home for Bandit where his people can be with him much of the time and of course, where he would be a valued companion that is allowed in the house. He is very affectionate with his humans.

A couple of things Bandit needs work on:

1)  Bandit does pull on leash so will need some work on leash walking. Walking on leash was not a priority when spending 24/7 in the backyard.  2)  Bandit darts in and out of doors and gates. We think this probably comes from years of being forced to stay outside locked in the backyard.  So he will need to learn how to politely wait for his turn to go through a doorway or gate. 5/30/14 UPDATE - Bandit has now learned to wait at the gate when asked. Good boy!

His new family needs to be able to commit to regular grooming for him. Shaving a double coated dog is not a good thing. A dog's coat works as a thermostat. It helps regulate their body temperature in both hot and cold weather. A dog's coat also works as an efficient barrier to the sun and protects from harmful UV rays. The good part of all of this?  Bandit likes to be brushed!

If you can offer this most deserving dog a loving home, please complete the application on this website and then email Joan at

Bandit's adoption fee is $80.  


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